Positive co-parenting tools that help you navigate the personal challenges of divorce View manage and share your children’s activities with useful online tools including Easily share online journals and tools for free at your discretion with co-parents, grandparents, care givers and attorneys Get Started Today

Family Law Attorneys let My Turn Your Turn help your clients get organized for court, manage important legal documents and share their records with you, at no additional charge.

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    Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts to mankind and the most important job you will ever have, seek positivity when times get tough and let the online journal help you channel that emotion you are feeling.

    Use your journal to post inspiring quotes, spiritual moments or daily gratitude that you can easily access when you are feeling overwhelmed. Easily print and email to co-parents, attorneys or court officials or keep private for your own personal memoirs.

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      I was walking in the mall with Jillian, now 24, and in front of us was a mom with a young teenage daughter, around age 13. The daughter was about 2 feet in front of her mother, and was acting l[...]

    I was reading an article on Kidshealth. It said that over 5 million children live with their grandparents. I started reminiscing about when my family went on vacation to visit my grandma and grandpa. [...]