Our History

Founded in 2011, My Turn Your Turn was created based on an idea by Tracy Taylor, a divorced mother and step mother that struggled to navigate the court system, co-parenting roles and personal challenges of divorce.

My Turn Your Turn helps organize parents who share a child with a co-parent due to divorce or separation. It was designed to help parents that share a child become the best, most -effective co-parent possible. The site offers easy to use tools that promote positive parenting, improve communication between co-parents, organize parent's schedules, expenses and important legal documents and provide a platform for parents to share their experiences with others.

Our Members

Parents, Co-Parents, Extended Family, Children, Attorneys, and Family Professionals.

Our Team

Tracy Taylor, Founder and President

Being a mom has truly brought me the greatest joy in my life and I am so proud of the beautiful daughter and step daughter I raised on my own. Both are now in their twenties and are devoted wives and mothers. The three of us share a special bond for all that we went through together. It was not always easy being a single mother and step mother. There were times that I was overwhelmed with having to deal with ex-husbands, attorneys, teenagers in transition and even the court system. But I learned a lot along the way and I want to help others in the same situation.

So whether it is how to select an attorney, prepare for court, assist your children through a difficult transition or communicate with volatile exes, I’ve been there and I’ve worked hard to create a website that makes it easy to get organized and reduce the stress of divorce and co-parenting.

I hope you’ll become a member and get your family on the right track. If you would like to learn more about my personal experiences, follow me on my blog and laugh, cry, relate to, and share your stories with us, for many years to come!

From me, to you, from the bottom of my heart,


My name is Jillian and I am a product of a divorced family. Unfortunately, I had a father that would say one thing to my mother and then a completely different thing to me. Divorce is complicated but it just got a whole lot easier with My Turn Your Turn! If only the "My Turn Your Turn" website was around 15 years ago. The communication feature would have been such an amazing tool for my parents. Having to communicate for my parents because they wouldn't talk to each other or getting lost in translation was hard and at most times frustrating. The "tell your mom this" or "tell your dad that" would always put me in the middle. Another helpful feature I would have loved is being able to pull up my visitation calendar and being able to see whose house I was at on a certain date and make plans with friends accordingly. I hated making plans with a friend only to find that i was at the "other" parent's house that weekend. Not only is the "My Turn Your Turn" for the parent or guardian but it keeps your kid involved and lets them feel that they are a part of the decisions that make up their life.

Jillian, Mother of One and Child of Divorce