Q. Do I have to be a divorced or separated to use this website?
A. This website is designed for anybody who shares a child or children with someone else including parents, grandparents, foster parents, extended family and guardians.

Q. Can I use this site if I don't have a co-parent?
A. Yes, single people can use this site to help then organize their children's information and keep track of their schedules. The “ADD CO-PARENT” function is optional.

Q. Do you have to have a formal custody agreement to use this website?
A. No. Anyone can use this website. You don't even have to be separated to use the website. Some couples use it just as an organizational tool.

Q. How will using this website make my life easier?
A. The My Turn Your Turn website is a tool to help organize all areas of a co-parenting situation. By using communication tools like this most families will spend less time in court. Less he said she said, and save time by having important documents and information at your fingertips when you need it.

Q. Will my privacy be protected?
A. Yes this is secure website. You must have your password to access it.

Q. How long does it take to set up an account?
A. Your account can be up and ready to be used within a matter of minutes.

Q. Why am I not receiving emails from My Turn Your Turn?
A.Be sure to check your spam and/or junk mail folder for all previous email notifications. Be sure to add MyTurnYourTurn.com to receive all future notifications.

Q. Do I have to add a co-parent to use the site?
A. Adding a co-parent and/or shared user is optional and can be done at no additional charge by selecting “Add Co-Parent” in the Family section of your account. Once active, a co-parent and/or shared user will automatically have access to VIEW their connected child’s calendar, family’s personal and medical information. A co-parent (not shared users) will have the option to upgrade their account to a paid subscription to allow them to maintain and edit their own records. You, the parent have the choice to share or mark private your own individual journal entries, doctor visits, insurance info, expenses and personal address book for your shared child.

Q. Do I have to add a child to use the site?
A. Adding a child is required to use the site and is the first step to getting started. Adding a child is found in the Family section of your account. Note that only your child’s name is required and you, the parent can choose to enter as much or as little information about them as you want. Their name will auto populate in multiple areas of the site so it is a vital part of how the features are accessed.

Q. What information displays on the calendar?
A. The calendar displays all of the following entries: events, parenting schedules, change requests, doctor visits, expenses and journal entries. To view details of a specific entry, click on the title displayed on your calendar to open the popup preview box. Helpful tip: use titles that are easy for you to recognize.

Q. Can I access this site from a smart phone, tablet or PC?
A. Yes, you can view and manage your account from a smart phone, tablet or PC 24/7.

Q. Is the site secure?
A. Yes, My Turn Your Turn is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring your security. Thousands of America’s most trusted brands utilize Right Brain Media’s web based programs to operate their businesses. Submit a support request (click here for contact form if you have any questions or issues regarding your privacy and security.)

Q. Who is a shared user?
A. A shared user can be anyone you would like to access your My Turn Your Turn account. For example you may want to provide access to your child, extended family member, attorney, babysitter, or family professional. Note: shared users are VIEW ONLY and will not have the option to upgrade their account to a paid account. Only co-parents will have the option to upgrade their account and have access to add/ edit their own information.


God Speed to the new program My Turn, Your Turn, Parenting. Ultimately, every parent's goal is have successful children. Remember it is all about the children.

I recommend this program to all my grown children and to every parent; because in life you never know what tomorrow holds.

The key is that it will help make you a successful parent producing successful children.

Susan, Mother of 10 & grandmother of 11