View and manage your family's schedule in an easy to use calendar from your PC or mobile device. Never miss important dates in your child's life with an online calendar that tracks visitation, important events, school activities, doctor's appointments and more!

  • Custody/Visitation
  • Sports or club activities
  • Play dates or carpooling
  • School
  • Holidays
  • Doctor's appointments
  • Court dates
  • Change requests or no shows
  • And, more!


Add and organize your family's expenses from your PC or mobile device. Make communication about finances between co-parents manageable by maintaining an online spreadsheet of your child support payments, household expenses, medical bills and more.

  • Child care
  • School and tutoring
  • Sports and club activities
  • Child support
  • Missed payments
  • Clothing
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • And, more!


Start documenting important memories, incidents and notes about your family in our easy to use online journal. Upload important documents and photos to attach to journal entries. Easily print and email to co-parents, extended family, attorneys or court officials or keep private for your own personal memoirs.

  • Personal entries
  • Daily gratitude or spiritual inspiration
  • Important milestones in your child's life
  • Incident reports or police records
  • Positive co-parenting tools
  • Favorite memories
  • Scholastic or athletic achievements
  • Household rules
  • And, more!

Address Book

Easily post and access contact information for your child's school, physicians, classmates, extended family. Allow your co-parent to gain access to this valuable information as needed.

  • Emergency
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Professional services
  • School
  • Babysitters
  • Physicians
  • Classmates or teammates
  • And, more!

Personal Information

Document your child's personal information, medical insurance, vaccination records, photos, allergies, food preferences and more and make it accessible to your co-parent.

  • Address Book
  • Height/Weight/Size
  • Medical Records
  • Health Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Scars/birth marks
  • Favorite things
  • And, more!

Communication Tools

Communication between co-parents can be challenging and managing the information you share with attorneys or court officials can be overwhelming, My Turn Your Turn messaging system makes it easy to share important information when it matters most.

  • Choose to share or mark private journal entries, doctor visits, insurance, expenses and your address book with co-parents and/or shared users
  • Adding a co-parent and/or shared user is optional, once activated your calendar, family‚Äôs personal and medical info is auto shared with the roles connected to that specific child
  • Notifications or alerts
  • Photo or document sharing
  • Schedule requests
  • Household rules
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Sharing positive memories
  • Controlled environment for positive communication
  • And, more!


Connect with others that are going through many of the same challenges and experiences you or someone you love are. Share your story, learn from others and consult your attorney about the specifics of your case before taking any of the advice provided by the My Turn Your Turn community.

  • Message boards
  • Prayer requests
  • Featured authors
  • Advice from professionals
  • Positive parenting tools
  • Resources to hotlines and national websites
  • Links to local support groups and church organizations
  • Recommended reading for parents and children
  • And, more!


After a 7 1/2 year marriage resulting in two sons, one six and one five, it ended in divorce. My ex-wife took the kids and went to Atlanta Georgia. At the time there was an ongoing custody battle. I did not have an attorney and I was trying to fight for custody on my own and lost.

One of the reasons I feel that I lost was because of my lack of organization and documentation on the things that had been said and done. The result was that the long distance and separation from my two sons really damaged my relationship with them.

I recently heard about the "My Turn Your Turn" website and feel that if there had been something like this when I was going through my divorce many years ago, the results might have been different. I believe that organization is the key when you get in front of the judge and although I was a great father and very supportive and loving to my children, the bottom line is -in the courts they judge the facts. If you're missing important information it can be detrimental to your case as it was to mine.

My advice is "Take the bull by the horns." get the "My Turn Your Turn" website. Stay organized and fight for your relationship with your children.

In my case it's too late one of my sons committed suicide 10 yrs ago and the other one still to this day does not speak to me. He is now 45. It's not too late for you. Do something now, get the "My Turn Your Turn" and don't give up.

Ron, Divorced Father of Two

Tips For You

Memories fade fast so be sure to journal daily and categorize your entries so it is easy to find previous entries quickly. For example, if you would like to review all entries from dates your co-parent had visitation, you may want to categorize those entries as "Visitation" so searching for those entries later will be easy to do.

Document visitation no shows and change order requests through the My Turn Your Turn calendar. We understand that managing a family's schedule is challenging, let the calendar work for you. It only takes a few minutes to enter important dates and will improve communication with your co-parent.

Use your journal to post inspiring quotes, spiritual moments or daily gratitude that you can easily access when you are feeling overwhelmed. Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts to mankind and the most important job you will ever have, seek positivity when times get tough and let the online journal help you channel that emotion you are feeling.