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Store your children’s personal, medical and insurance information in one easy to use system.
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Manage your Children

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If you would like to share your account with your child’s co-parent, click on “Add Co-Parent” on the Family page. By using this feature, your co-parent will have access to certain “Shared” pages automatically and/or that you enable. Visit FAQ for more on sharing.
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Post and view your parenting schedules, events and change requests in your personal calendar. Auto share with a co-parent by simply adding a co-parent in the Family section (optional).
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Post your family’s expenses, create your own categories and share/make private specific entries (as applicable with your co-parent). All entries are viewable in your calendar at a glance.
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Start documenting important memories, incidents and notes about your family in our easy to use online journal. Easily print and email to co-parents, extended family, attorneys or court officials or keep private for your own personal memoirs.
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Upload and maintain important documents and photos so you can easily review privately or print and email to your co-parent, extended family, attorney or court officials when needed.
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Easily post and access contact information for your child's school, physicians, classmates, extended family” with “classmates or extended family. Share/make private specific contacts (as applicable with your co-parent).
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Update your email, phone number, password and profile photo on your private My Account page.
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Make communication easy with your co-parent, attorney or extended family by emailing journal entries directly to their email address or print any important documents, photos or entries for court appearances or personal records.
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Seek Resources

Want to learn more about how to use the My Turn Your Turn program to help your co-parenting situation? Go to our FAQ section and get your questions answered or email us directly.


Hi I'm Larry and I got the "My Turn Your Turn" for my daughter Ruth. She is a single mom with three children. Her life is a mess. She was married for four years to John and they had two children. The divorce was terrible. She remained custodial parent and has a very standard visitation schedule. But that was just the beginning, sinse then, they have been in court at least 100 times. Besides violence, John's typical type of abuse is misuse of the court system is by filing false accusations and trying to break her by running up her legal fees. The court costs and attorneys fees have run into the tens of thousands. Not to mention what this has done to my Grandchildren. It breaks my heart when I see the sadness and confusion in those little children's faces.

I just recently set her up in the system and filled out the information that I knew. I assumed that if I did that she would be more inclined to follow through. I know that she's exhausted, she works two jobs, and being a single mom is overwhelming. But, she is excellent at keeping information of happenings however there is absolutely no organization to it. Whenever she's gone into court she's had misplaced valuable evidence that she needed at that time. This cost her a lot more in the long run.

To complicate things more she was married a second time and is now going through a divorce and the same type a custody battle with husband number two over their two year old. There again, lack of organization has been hurting her case.

I'm confident that now things are going to change. Now I feel that presenting a judge with organized, factual data will help the judge see a clear picture of what's actually happening. Furthermore with all communication between her and both ex's going through the "My Turn Your Turn" there will be no more "he says she says" and because entries become permanent I'm pretty sure all parties will think before they speak.

I'm actually hoping that with all the information on this website that all parties involved will start to put the children first and stop battling.

As Joe Friday used to say on Dragnet "only the facts ma'am," but these facts need to be orderly and timely as they happen.

Larry, Father and Grandfather

Tips For You

When you move to another county or state don't forget to domesticate your current custody order. That means you must go in front of a local judge and ask them to honor that custody agreement in the local area.

Original Order of protection, violence restraining orders must be kept with you at all times.

Teach your kids to be respectful to people in service areas such as waitresses, mechanics, housekeepers etc. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their waitress.

Remember 911 is to be called in and emergency, not to be used to punish the other co-parent.

Contact an attorney in your state regarding your rights as a parent.

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